DALLAS — All natural lubricant and lotion manufacturer Sliquid has released its new Lube Cube sampler packs.

“We wanted to provide a more sophisticated, yet convenient way for our consumers to test-drive our products and/or travel with the products they love so much with more ease,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said.

Sliquid has released at least one Lube Cube for each of the manufacturer’s product lines. The Lube Cube sampler boxes now available include Sliquid Naturals, Ride Dude Lube 50/50, Ride Dude Lube Water-based, Ride Dude Lube Silicone and Sliquid Organics O Gel. The manufacturer will add a new sampler for Sliquid Organics, which will include six SKUs including the newest, Sliquid Oceanics.

“We’re excited about the feedback we’re already getting for the lube cubes,” Elliott said. “There are six now available and more to come soon including our new Sliquid Oceanics that we can’t wait to tell people about.”

For more information about Sliquid Lube Cubes, including the exact formulas in each sampler box, or to place an order, call (800) 754-7849, or email sales@sliquid.com.

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