Sliquid Silver – The Studio CollectionSliquid Silver - The Studio Collection - Sliquid Naturals Silver

Stylish. Discreet. Sensual. And slippery beyond belief. Sliquid introduces their newest product – Sliquid Silver – The Studio Collection. This 100% silicone lubricant is the same silicone formula from Sliquid that you have always loved, now available in a sexy glass bottle with integrated pump top. Stylish. Discreet. Sensual. And slippery beyond belief.

The bottle is designed to be discrete, fitting in alongside your other personal health and beauty products, be it makeup, hair products, or perfume and cologne. The packaging does not say lubricant, or any other give-away words anywhere on the bottle. This allows you to display the beautiful glass however you see fit – even right on your nightstand.

With a volume of 3.4oz / 100ml, you can safely travel with your new pump dispenser silicone lubricant without worries about TSA regulations as well.

Grab a bottle from The Sliquid Shop today, and take your Sliquid experience to a whole new level.

Sliquid Silver Studio Collection

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