Sliquid Gift Guide

The giving season is upon us, so we’ve curated this special gift guide for the loved ones in your life. From our award-wining lubricants to our luxurious spa collection, Sliquid has a gift for everyone on your list!

Lover of Simplicity 

Starting at $8.00

Sometimes less is more. Originating from our most simple formula of H2O, the Naturals line has several other predominantly water-based lubricants to choose from. The Naturals line also includes our pure silicone formulas, Silver and Spark, as well as our topical, coconut oil-based moisturizer called Soul.


Starting at $9.00

Buying for someone that is ingredient-conscious? Look no further! Sliquid Organics is perfect for anyone that enjoys a natural, plant-based intimate product. Made from a sustainable production process, our Organics line uses only the highest-quality organic ingredients, including plant and seed-based extracts, and is certified organic.

Modern Man 

Starting at $9.00

The modern guy desires a high-performance product with a sleek design. From lubricants and sex enhancers to intimate shave creams scented with masculine fragrance, the RIDE BodyWorx Collection offers the guy in your life a sexy experience from the bathroom to the bedroom.


Starting at $8.00

Looking for a little exhilaration? Our new premium silicone blend, Spark, offers all the chills and thrills that you’re looking for this Holiday season. Spark goes on cool and warms with friction so you can keep go-go-going all night long

Variety Lover 

Starting at $12.00

Our Lube Cubes are perfect for that loved one that has trouble deciding on just one lubricant. Containing 12 single-use pillows, these sample packs offer a variety of formulas in one box. A perk of these individual lube pillows…they are perfect for travel! Toss them in a carry on and dispose of them once used.

Sweet Lover

Starting at $8.00

Our collection of lightly sweetened, fruit-flavored lubricants are perfect for your loved one with a sweet tooth. The Swirl collection consists of 8 combination flavors that are sure to satisfy any sweets lover. With 20% off for the holidays, these water-based glides are a sweet deal!

The Pampered One 

Starting at $11.00

Our award-winning Balance Collection is the perfect place to look when buying for your loved on that likes to pamper their body and senses. Sliquid Balance offers refreshing shower gels, moisturizing shave creams, silky-smooth massage oils, and luxurious bath soaks. Give the gift of self-indulgence this holiday season!

Stocking Stuffers

Starting at $8.00

Just a little can go a long way, and we’ve got every little thing that you need to keep your stockings stuffed this Holiday. Our 2 ounce bottles of lubricants and 1 ounce specialty products like O-gel and RIDE Beard Oil are the perfect size to slip into someone’s stocking. You can also purchase individual packets.