We Taste-Tested a Bunch of Flavored Lubes—These Are The Best 

Why use a flavored lube?

Giving oral sex through a safer-sex barrier. If you’re using a condom or a dental dam while going down on someone, you could just deal with the taste of latex (or polyisoprene or polyurethane, as the case may be). Let’s be real: It’s probably not your favorite flavor. Might as well jazz it up with lube that tastes like strawberries, coconuts, or birthday cake.

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DOES LUBE Work in Water?

Hello again, dear friend, Anonymous. Welcome back to our sex talk column where we answer reader-submitted questions. 

The other week, global leading sexologist Juliet Allen gave us advice on how to actually make shower sex fun, and one tip was to use the right lube. 

Today, Juliet is back to dive deeper into the “does lube work in water?” convo. 

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FYI, these are the best lubes for sensitive skin – because yep, we all deserve feel-good sex

If you’re someone who’s on the hunt for lube for sensitive skin, don’t feel overwhelmed. Sure, there are 100’s of types available, but our board of sex experts knows the best lubes(opens in new tab) out there.

From water-based lube(opens in new tab), to flavoured lube, CBD lube… the list goes on. But know this: not all lubes are made equal. While a study(opens in new tab) of more than 2,000 women found that sex was more pleasurable and satisfying for those who used lube, another paper found one of the biggest problems with lube is that it can be “burning [or] itchy”.

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These are officially the 9 best water-based lubes, according to sexual wellness pros

Looking for the best water-based lube? Great idea – because, yep, water-based lubes are a great way to have better, wetter, and safer sex.

A quick breakdown of the best lubes available: there are water-based, oil-based and silicone-based, and sometimes hybrids of two or more. Water-based lubricants can be used for vaginal and anal play (read our roundup of the best lube for anal here), but they aren’t just great for sex, either.

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The 13 Best Anal Lube Options, According to Sex Experts

Throw on your bathing suits, folks, because we’re going down the slip-n-slide to find the best anal lube for you. Going into anal sex without a lubricant is like going through your day without coffee: painful and almost always unsuccessful. On a more serious note, “using lube for anal play is crucial,” Jenn Mason, founder, and owner of WinkWink, a Washington-based, women-owned sex shop, tells SELF. We spoke with experts to understand what to look for when shopping for anal lubes and why it’s beneficial for anal sex.

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The Mechanics of an Orgasm

The orgasm, or “Big O,” has been enhancing the lives of people for as long as humanity has existed. Not everyone is able to have them or has experienced one. In fact, researchers suggest that 25% of women have a hard time reaching an orgasm. That is 1 in 4 women who have yet to experience one of the many joys of life. While this is unfortunate, no worries, sometimes it’s more about the journey rather than the destination.

What is an orgasm?

You know that moment during sex when it feels like your soul left your body? Yes, that’s the climax. Have you ever stopped to think about what is actually happening in your body, and why it feels so good? 

An orgasm is when your body physically responds to reaching the peak of sexual arousal.

During an orgasm, your body releases chemicals like oxytocin, which is a naturally occurring chemical in your body that will cause you to feel relaxed and happy. In other words, keep going long enough, and you might mentally end up on another planet for a brief, euphoric moment.

Four Stages of an Orgasm (The sexual Response Cycle)

Did you know that there are levels to an orgasm? These stages are called The Sexual Response Cycle and they include excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Learning and understanding these stages can help to increase pleasure with yourself or your partner(s). 


  • Muscle tension increases.
  • Heart rate quickens and breathing is accelerated.
  • Skin may become flushed (blotches of redness appear on the chest and back).
  • Nipples become hardened or erect.
  • Blood flow to the genitals increases, resulting in swelling of the woman’s clitoris and labia minora (inner lips), and erection of the man’s penis.
  • Vaginal lubrication begins, is possible.
  • The woman’s breasts become fuller and the vaginal walls begin to swell.
  • The man’s testicles swell, their scrotum tightens, and they begin secreting a lubricating liquid.


  • The changes begun in phase 1 are intensified.
  • The vagina continues to swell from increased blood flow, and the vaginal walls turn a dark purple.
  • The woman’s clitoris becomes highly sensitive (may even be painful to touch) and retracts under the clitoral hood to avoid direct stimulation from the penis.
  • The man’s testicles tighten.
  • Breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure continue to increase.
  • Muscle spasms may begin in the feet, face, and hands.
  • Muscle tension increases.


The orgasm is the climax of the sexual response cycle. It is the shortest of the phases and generally lasts only a few seconds. General characteristics of this phase include the following:

  • Involuntary muscle contractions begin.
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing are at their highest rates, with a rapid intake of oxygen.
  • Muscles in the feet spasm.
  • There is a sudden, forceful release of sexual tension.
  • In women, the muscles of the vagina contract. The uterus also undergoes rhythmic contractions.
  • In men, rhythmic contractions of the muscles at the base of the penis result in the ejaculation of semen.
  • A rash, or “sex flush” may appear over the entire body.

Phase 4: Resolution

During resolution, the body slowly returns to its normal level of functioning. You may feel satisfied, euphoric, and oftentimes fatigued. Some people may be ready for round 2, and some may not. Some vulva owners are capable of quickly getting back to the orgasm and may experience multiple orgasms. Penis owners, however, need recovery time after orgasm, called a refractory period. The amount of times a person can reach orgasm varies from person to person.

Types of orgasms

It’s important to note that orgasms aren’t achieved just through penetrative sex or oral sex. There are many different types of orgasms, and different body parts have the ability to give you different orgasmic sensations. We are going to talk about six of the main types. 

  • Clitoral –  It Involves the clitoris becoming erect, and the orgasm itself provides a release. You can feel these orgasms on the surface of the body, like a tingly feeling along your skin.
  • Vaginal- It happens inside the vagina and is usually accompanied by pulsations of the vaginal canal walls.
  • Anal- These are muscle contractions in the anal canal and around the anal sphincter. (And not inside the vagina).
  • Combo or Blended- When the vagina and the clitoris are stimulated at the same time, it results in full-body trembles and tremors.
  • Erogenous- Stimulating lesser-known erogenous parts of the body (ears, nipples, neck, elbows, knees, etc.) This can cause a pleasurable release when kissed and stimulated. Some people describe the orgasm that follows as a full-body sensation.
  • Convulsing- This happens when the pelvic floor muscles convulse over and over and over again, really quickly, after a long buildup. 

Tips to reaching an orgasm

Yes, there are multiple ways to experience an orgasmic sensation but not all of them are as easily achieved. Here are tips and tricks for ways to explore your body solo, or with a partner(s), so that you can reach the ultimate climax. 

Clitoral Orgasms

The clit, or clitoris, is a nerve-rich, spongy tissue covered by a hood that becomes erect when you are aroused. The best way to turn on the clit and get her started is to gently rub the clit with the fingers, palm, or tongue in back and forth, or circular motions. Then gradually increase the pressure, and the pleasure will intensify resulting in an orgasmic sensation.

Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal orgasms involve the “G-Spot.” The “G- Spot is a group of nerve endings that are located about two inches inside the vaginal wall. When this spot is stimulated it is sure to make your partner or yourself feel all the feels. Insert a finger, penis, or toy into your vagina and angle it upwards, then move it back and forth. You can try different motions or pressures until you find what feels the best.

Anal Orgasms

Anal Orgasms stimulate the clitoral legs which are the internal part of the clitoris that you cannot see. It can also stimulate the G-Spot as well. Since the anus doesn’t naturally produce lubricant on its own, this is where you’ll need Sliquid Sassy. Sassy is a long-lasting water-based lube, and it is great for butt play. With a generous amount of Sassy, gently rub around the anus to prepare it for penetration. Once you’re inside, start exploring! You can tap, make circular motions, wiggle around, whatever feels the best to you. 

Combo orgasms & Erogenous orgasms

Combo orgasms can be achieved by stimulating the clit and the vagina at the same time in the ways we mentioned above. Doing this will result in an explosive sensation. *See clitoral orgasms and vaginal orgasms.

Erogenous Orgasms

Erogenous orgasms can be achieved by experimenting with different sensitive spots on your body. Using a feather, rub it across your body and take note of where you feel the most pleasure. These orgasms will take a lot of exploring, but with fingers, mouths, and toys, you can achieve orgasms in many different places.

The body is magical and has the ability to reach great heights. There are so many ways to experience intimacy and pleasure. Explore your body, get in tune with yourself, and get that orgasm you deserve!


The Best Lube for Masturbation

There’s no way to show yourself some love quite like some good, old-fashioned me time—and the best lube for masturbation can take any self-pleasure to the next level. Whether you’re sticking with your hands or bringing the best G-spot vibrators, suction toys, or butt plugs into the mix, personal lubricant keeps things frictionless and fun. Here’s everything you need to know about mixing lube and masturbation, according to the experts, plus top-rated picks to keep by your bed.

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How to Prepare for Anal Sex

The Best Vibrators for Solo Pleasure and Partner Play

The anus has thin walls, doesn’t self-lubricate, and is surrounded by sphincter muscles that naturally tighten closed when touched. So for anal sex, experts suggest that you apply lots (and lots) of lube, get relaxed before penetration, start gradually with gentle stimulation (and work your way up), and communicate with your partner.

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2022 Sliquid Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a super unique and thoughtful gift? Sliquid has got you covered this gift-giving season! Look through this gift guide for some inspiration on some wet and wild, or thoughtful and mild gifts for those you love.

Sweet Indulgence

 Keep things nice and sweet with Sliquid’s Sweet Indulgence bundle. This bundle includes some sweet and flavorful products that would brighten up anyone’s holiday! It contains Soak Limoncello to help you unwind in a warm, yummy bubble bath, Swirl Green Apple & Cherry Vanilla lubricants to give you and your lover a pH-balance sweet tooth, and the Naturals Lube Cube with single-use packets to help you test out a variety of the products before you find the one you love!

Seduce Him

Give the guy in your life something that will keep it going all night long with the Seduce Him bundle! This bundle includes many products for men or masculine-identified people who enjoy intimate luxury. Some of the products in this bundle are the Ride Rock Delay Spray and the Ride Rise Stimulating Spray – to help keep things spicy on those long, cold winter nights! It also includes the Ride Razor Shaving Cream and the Ride Beard Oil in Sandalwood to help keep your body smooth and your beard soft! Finally, it comes with Ride Booty Buzz, a silicone lubricant, and Ride Water Based for all types of penetration. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Big Red Box

Trying to get a gift for someone who might be a little picky? Not sure about their style? Gift them the Big Red Box! This bundle includes a little bit of everything, featuring some of Sliquid’s most popular lubricants in sizes that are perfect for testing the waters! The bundle includes Sliquid Silver and H20 a silicone and water-based lubricant, respectively, Swirl Green Apple for those who want to taste their pleasure, and 2 sample sizes of Sliquid Naturals Silk, Sassy, and the Organic O Gel to help experiment with sensations! It also includes a Sliquid-branded tee and a $20 gift card (redeemable on Sliquid.com) for when they find the lube that is just for them!

 Perfectly Pampered

Have someone in your life who might be more about their self-care? Gift them the Perfectly Pampered Bundle! This bundle is for those who take luxurious self-care seriously and want only the best of the best for their body! This bundle includes Sliquid Soak in Coconut Papaya for some calming and lovely suds in the tub, Sliquid Soothe in Mango Bergamot – a lotion to pamper and hydrate the skin after a lovely soak, the Serenity Massage Oil in Tahitian Vanilla for some self-love or partnered love, and a Soul Cube of Organic Coconut Moisturizer to also add some hydration for the skin! This gift is might be better than a certificate to the spa (and cheaper too)!

Sliquid Apparel

Sliquid Shirt Promotional Offer

Looking for a gift to showcase your loved one’s favorite lube brand? Gifting a more conservative family member? Looking to add to your loved one’s collection of shirts, hoodies, or caps? Sliquid has got just that for you! Sliquid has a variety of colors, styles, and even collection options of t-shirts, hoodies, and hats for you or your loved one this holiday season! They’re fun, stylish, and a great way to advertise and start convos with your community about your favorite lube brand!

As always lovelies, be thoughtful, romantic, or spicy this holiday season with one of the many awesome gift bundles for yourself or your loved ones this year! Sliquid has a variety of great products to choose from that will not disappoint and will keep you or your loved ones coming back for more! As always lovelies – Heaux responsibly and Happy Holidays!

Note: Gift sets are excluded from the Sliquid.com holiday sale.

Heaux on the Geaux

About The Author

“Saniyyah (They/Them/Saniyyah) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education for folks in the Black and brown communities – prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Saniyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Saniyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities”

Sliquid Earns 2 Nominations For The 2023 XBIZ Awards Nominations

Media Contact: Erik Vasquez, VP of Marketing, erik@sliquid.com, (800) S L I Q U I D

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — November 17, 2022 — Dallas TX — Top natural intimates’ manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is pleased to announce they have received two nominations for the 2023 XBIZ Awards.

2023 XBIZ Award Sliquid Nominees

Sliquid, the Dallas-based manufacturer of high-quality natural intimate products has earned two coveted XBIZ Awards nominations in the Pleasure Products division.  Sliquid is nominated for “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year” and their newest product release, Sliquid Sparkle, has snagged a nomination in the “Sex Lubricant of the Year” category.

“As a wellness brand built on the promise of formulating the most natural and effective lubricants for everyone, we are deeply honored to be nominated in these two specific categories,” says Dean Elliott, Sliquid’s founder, and CEO.

This past March, Sliquid hit a milestone anniversary as it turned twenty years old, cementing its presence in the lubricant industry as a legacy brand. Elliott started the company in 2002 with a single formula called H2O which, to this day, is still the brand’s top seller. Sliquid now boasts an impressively large lubricant range consisting of three collections, including their Naturals, Organics, and Ride Bodyworx lines. The company is also the creator of the groundbreaking FTM wellness range, the T-Collection, with industry icon Buck Angel, and a premium lubricant collaboration, Ride Rocco, with gay adult superstar Rocco Steele.

Sliquid Sparkle, the newest addition to the Sliquid Naturals collection, has received a 2023 XBIZ Awards nomination for “Sex Lubricant of the Year”. Sparkle made its industry debut at the ANME show in Burbank, California, this past July, where it was received with great enthusiasm and accolades by industry retailers and distributors. Sparkle is Sliquid’s premiere Pride-edition sex lubricant that also acts as a fundraising campaign for two North Texas based LGBTQ+ nonprofits, whose services directly impact the rainbow community in which Sliquid’s base of operations exist.

Though Sparkle is marketed as a Pride-edition lubricant, it is available to the public year-round. Similarly, the donations to these two non-profits will also be ongoing. Pride is something that Sliquid considers to be a constant movement, not relegated to a specific month or time of year.

“To simply say that we value the acknowledgment of our company and Sparkle by the great team at XBIZ and our industry peers would be an understatement,” says, Elliott. “Being recognized for who we are as a brand, in our twentieth year, nonetheless, as well as having such an important lubricant as Sparkle also nominated, is invaluable to the brand. I thank XBIZ for this recognition and am looking forward to bringing home a win for the entire Sliquid team.”

In keeping with tradition, select award categories under Web & Technology, Pleasure Products and Retail will be presented as part of the annual XBIZ Honors ceremonies.

The voting period begins Thursday, Nov. 24.


Sliquid Earns 3 Nominations For The 2023 XBIZ Exec Awards

Media Contact: Erik Vasquez, VP of Marketing, erik@sliquid.com, (800) SLIQUID ext. 203

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — November 15, 2022 — Dallas TX — Top natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is pleased to announce that 3 members of their executive team have received individual nominations for the 2023 XBIZ Exec Awards.

The XBIZ Exec Awards spotlight outstanding business leaders who play key roles in the success of progressive brands. Sliquid’s three nominations include company founder, Dean Elliott, for “CEO of the Year,” Senior VP, Colin Roy, for the “Senior Leadership Award,” and VP of Marketing, Erik Vasquez, for “Marketing Executive of the Year.”

“I truly appreciate this nomination,” says Dean Elliott, Sliquid Founder, and CEO.  “With twenty successful years of Sliquid in the rear-view mirror, this nomination means that we must be doing something right!  Thank you to my wonderful industry family and dear friends at XBIZ for including me in this group of stellar leaders. Good luck to all.”

Colin Roy, Senior VP for Sliquid, is nominated for this year’s Senior Leadership Award. “I am honored and flattered to be considered for this award, especially among such an amazing group of peers,” says Roy. “Thank you to XBIZ and this wonderful industry for the nod.”

The third Sliquid executive nominated this year is the company’s VP of Marketing, Erik Vasquez.  “I am honored to be recognized in this category alongside some amazing talent, many of whom I call both colleagues and friends.  Congrats to everyone nominated and thank you to the wonderful staff at XBIZ.  My fingers are crossed for a win this year!”

XBIZ Exec Awards nominees were selected based on several factors including leadership, business acumen, community influence, and overall career success as submitted by industry members via the adult industry social network XBIZ.net.  The 2023 XBIZ Exec Awards will be presented in January as part of the retail edition of the XBIZ Honors ceremony, presented by Satisfyer.

Click here to view the nominees for the retail edition.

Voting for the 2023 XBIZ Exec Awards continues through Wednesday, Nov. 23.

To learn more about Sliquid visit sliquid.com. Follow Sliquid through social media on Twitter and Instagram @Sliquid, on Facebook www.facebook.com/sliquid, and on YouTube www.youtube.com/user/sliquidintimate.

About Sliquid, LLC
Sliquid was born, first as an idea, then as a reality. The company vows always to put the safety and comfort of the consumer first, regardless of cost, and to never formulate with sugars or petrochemicals. Today, the company boasts a product line of over 100 SKUs across varying collections, all formulated vegan-friendly and pH balanced neutral. Sliquid is formulated entirely sugar and sugar derivative free (glycerin), and with sparse amounts of only the safest ingredients, making it the cleanest, most natural lubricant on the market.

Keywords: Sliquid, XBIZ, XBIZ Awards, XBIZ Exec Awards, XBIZ Honors, Dean Elliott, Colin Roy, Erik Vasquez @Sliquid


Rimming 101

Eating a Peach - Rimming 101 from Sliquid

Happy Fall, everyone! It’s that time of year to snuggle up under the covers and get cozy with your lovers. What a better way to celebrate and get into the Fall spirit than by learning and trying something new! I’m sure we’re all familiar with it, but might not know what to think of it! Rimming! Yes, that’s right anilingus or a rim job – the act of oral on the anus! This includes when the the tongue, lips or mouth are used to help provide stimulation to your lovers bottom! And while it is called rimming because of the act of stimulating the area around the anus, it also includes penetrating the anus with the tongue, lips or mouth. There are a lot of myths and skepticism around rimming and we’re here to dispel some of that.

We’re all about pleasure here at Sliquid, and exploring all of the ways we can achieve pleasure without judgment and with lots of curiosity. And with curiosity, comes dispelling myths, whether that be with research or with practice. One of the oldest and probably most common myths is that rimming, along with other anal play, is only for queer men.This simply is not true! Rimming and anal play can be pleasurable for people of all genders and of all orientations! The anus is home to hundreds of nerve-endings making the act extremely pleasurable and unexpected to many!

Dude Yes, Dude No. Rimming 101.

While not everyone is concerned about the initial myth of rimming – there are a lot of other common questions and concerns that folks might have before they decide to explore this sexual act.

Another really common question and concern that folks have is how safe is it to give a rim job? Short answer, any sexual act comes with the possibility of risk, but there are many ways to prevent and reduce said risks but for the most part, it is safe to perform. What are some of the
risks you might ask when you want to consider rimming? For one, like any other sexual acts, STIs are something that can potentially be spread when participating in rimming. Some STIs that can be transmitted with this act specifically are Herpes, Syphilis, Hep. A & B, Genital Warts & Gonorrhea. Now before you start freaking out, there are ways to protect yourself and still enjoy the act! Dental dams are a great way to stay protected while rimming and also add some
sensation play to your act! If you don’t have access to dental dams, you can cut your condoms up to make your own.

One other common misconception or thought that some folks might have is that if you consent to rimming, that means that you’re consenting to all things anal. That is definitely not true! Consent is an ongoing, fluid, non-binding, and non blanketed agreement. Consent can be
granted and taken away at any moment in the interaction. When talking to your lover about rimming or any sexual act, make sure to discuss every and all possibilities and have consent for each interaction! No, it won’t kill the mood and it definitely is not awkward to ask, “Is this okay?,”

Spongebob tonguing the rim.

while you’re interacting! Communication and consent are key factors to aiding in creating a positive and exciting experience for all parties involved!

Now that we’ve dispelled some myths, here are a few tips to creating a great rimming experience for all you curious lovers out there!

  • Hygiene is key for all parties – make sure you have brushed your teeth! Wash up, but be
    mindful not to use anything scented down there and most importantly make sure that
    you’ve used the restroom and have checked to make sure you’re good to go! (Douching
    is optional and up to the receiver if they want to use one. Before you do use one, make
    sure you do it several hours before receiving oral and to only use water to clean out
    your anus)

  • Add toys or flavored lubes – this can enhance the experience for both parties by
    incorporating sensations, flavors, smells and more for the both of you! It also creates a
    fun way for both of you to pick things out together and express some desires and things
    you’ve maybe wanted to try!

As always, trying new things can sometimes be scary – but they don’t have to be! Being curious
about sex and different ways to explore yourself or your lovers body is normal and helps to keep the spice alive! If it feels good or you want to know how something feels? Try it! You won’t know if you like it or not until you do. And always remember that consent, communication and comfortability are key! Heaux responsibly!

Heaux on the Geaux

About The Author

“Saniyyah (They/Them/Saniyyah) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education for folks in the Black and brown communities – prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Saniyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Saniyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities”

Sliquid Earns Nomination for 2023 AVN Awards

Media Contact: Erik Vasquez, VP of Marketing, erik@sliquid.com, (800) S L I Q U I D

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — November 7, 2022 — Dallas TX — Top natural intimates’ manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is pleased to announce that the brand has been nominated for a 2023 AVN Award.

Sliquid, the Dallas-based manufacturer of premium natural wellness products, has been nominated for “Best Lubricant Brand” in the Pleasure Products category. The in-person 40th annual AVN Awards, presented by MyFreeCams, will take place on Saturday, January 7, 2023, at Resorts World Las Vegas Events Center.

“Thank you to everyone at AVN,” says Dean Elliott, founder, and CEO of Sliquid. “This recognition of the exceptional lubricants we produce, and the work our team does to create and cultivate lasting partnerships with our amazing distribution and retail partners is greatly appreciated. Congratulations to all the nominees.”

Founded in 2002, Sliquid brought its flagship natural water-based lubricant, H2O, to market, quickly followed by the release of its pure silicone formula, Sliquid Silver.  With twenty successful years of growth, the company now boasts an extensive product line of over 100 SKUs across varying collections, all formulated pH-balanced neutral, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

Sliquid’s most recent entry to the lubricant space is their new Pride-edition lubricant, Sliquid Sparkle.  Comprised mostly of purified water, Sparkle is unflavored, unscented, non-staining, pH balanced, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.  It is the perfect glide for all genders and identities. While the lubricant itself does not contain glittery flakes or shiny particles, Sparkle gets its fun name from the unique purpose behind the product. Sliquid will be donating a portion of the sale of every bottle of Sparkle to two North Texas non-profits that service the local LGBTQ+ community.

To learn more about Sliquid, visit sliquid.com. Find Sliquid on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.


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