Can Lube Help You With Menopause And Vaginal Dryness?

Happy September, Sliqies! As we wave goodbye to the summer sun & heat, not all of us are able to escape the hot flashes and dryness. That’s right folks, we’re talking about menopause and vaginal dryness. We’ve heard all this talk about WAP after the popularization of the term from the rap queens Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion; however, not everyone naturally has a WAP and that’s okay! We commonly hear about vaginal dryness being associated with menopause, but there are many other reasons someone can be experiencing this. Let’s get into it!


We often only hear about “the change” or menopause, but no one talks about perimenopause. Perimenopause, according to Johns Hopkins Medical Journal, is the time leading up to one’s final menstrual cycle, or the natural process of the ovaries stopping their function. This also marks the end of the reproductive years. During this time period, one can experience hot flashes, changes in their menstrual cycle, mood changes, etc. Perimenopause and its symptoms can often be easily confused for other reproductive complications or disorders – but is easily diagnosed by age, medical history, and a physical exam by your healthcare provider. Even with a diagnosis of perimenopause, it does not require any treatment unless your symptoms begin to disrupt your day-to-day.


After perimenopause has been identified, once your final menstrual cycle ends, menopause begins. According to the National Institute of Aging (NIA), under the National Institute of Health (NIH), menopause is the twelve-month period after a person’s last and final menstrual cycle. This transition typically happens between the ages of 45-55 and lasts up to seven years, but can last as long as 14 years! During perimenopause and menopause, the levels of estrogen and progesterone begin to decrease, which is the result of the common symptoms we hear about. The symptoms of menopause vary from person to person and are dependent on various factors including diet, race, family history, and other lifestyle choices. Some of the common menopause symptoms include sleep changes, changes to your period, hot flashes, incontinence or bladder control changes, and most commonly, vaginal dryness. Much like perimenopause, it is a natural occurrence of a vulva owner’s life cycle and you do not need to treat any of these symptoms unless they begin to interfere with your day-to-day.

Vaginal Dryness

With perimenopause and menopause being some of the more common culprits of vaginal dryness, you might be asking yourself, “I’m not that old or going through menopause, so why am I experiencing this?!” Well, I’m glad you asked, and thank you for being so brave to do so! Vaginal dryness is actually more common than we think. The Cleveland Clinic states that vaginal dryness is a symptom, often a painful one, that is caused by a variety of ailments and can affect one’s quality of life. It is estimated that around a little less than 20% of vulva owners ages 18-50 experience vaginal dryness! You might be wondering “what are these things that cause me to have a DAP instead of a WAP?” Vaginal dryness can be experienced because of birth control, breastfeeding/childbirth, medications like anti-depressants or antihistamines, certain medical conditions, lack of sexual arousal, and more.

DAP Treatments

Depending on why one is experiencing vaginal dryness, there are several different ways to help remedy this. For example, if you are experiencing vaginal dryness during sex and are not on any medications that might be causing this, or experiencing menopause, it could be that you are not sexually aroused. You can remedy this by trying new things to spice up your sex life and get your mind more stimulated to help with physical arousal, or you can use lubricant!

If you are experiencing perimenopause or menopause and are dealing with vaginal dryness, there are lots of creams, moisturizers, gels, and even herbs to support this. However, it is often suggested to use lubricant – even when not having sex. A very popular and recommended suggestion by gynecologists and medical practitioners is Sliquid Satin! This product is a daily-use, moisturizing lubricant that is aloe-based, infused with seaweed extract and Vitamin E, that can be used for sexual activity or daily comfort! It was specifically created to support vulva owners who experience vaginal dryness due to medication, menopause, and more. This product is natural, light, and a little more cost-effective than some other solutions.

As always lovelies, menopause, like many other things in life, are a part of this journey and the beauty of aging! Vaginal dryness, much like menopause, is often seen as taboo or even embarrassing, because it is not commonly talked about, or folks just might feel shy. Both of these things are something that we should continue to bring awareness to so that more people are comfortable asking questions, getting support, and finding the right products to help support them as well. The human body is impressive and also confusing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all learn and share together; more likely than not, someone you know has or is experiencing the same thing. Be gentle with yourself and as always, #HeauxResponsibly!

Heaux on the Geaux

About The Author

“Saniyyah (They/Them/Saniyyah) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education for folks in the Black and brown communities – prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Saniyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Saniyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities”

Sliquid Issues MAP Policy For All Vendors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — September 1, 2022 — Dallas TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid ( announces the release of a new MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy, effective immediately.

Sliquid’s new MAP policy applies to all resellers selling directly to the end user, on all platforms. The Minimum Advertised Price for all Sliquid, LLC products, whether sold in brick-and-mortar stores, on company websites, or third-party reseller sites, including but not limited to, is established at 20% below the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  The MSRP rates are set in the official Sliquid, LLC Price List, which can be downloaded at or by contacting your sales representative.

“We recognize that our high-quality retailers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and compelling vendor presentation,” says Sliquid Senior Vice President, Colin Roy.  “To support these efforts, Sliquid wishes to establish policies that allow our resale partners to earn the profits necessary to maintain the high level of customer excellence people have come to expect from Sliquid retailers.”

The purpose of the MAP Policy is to encourage fair competition across all distribution channels, preserve brand identity and value, permit smaller retailers to compete with larger retailers, mitigate underpricing, and foster reasonable retailer margins. While this new MAP Policy takes effect immediately, the company is providing a courtesy grace period of one month for retailers to implement the policy.  Full enforcement of the policy will take effect at the beginning of Q4.

To review the complete terms and conditions of Sliquid’s MAP policy, please visit


Everyone Needs A Healthy Wellness Routine

August is slowly coming to a close and in addition to Anal August, it is also National Wellness Month. National Wellness Month highlights and reinforces the idea of promoting healthy routines and prioritizing self-care. What is self-care? Self-care can be a lot of things and look a lot of different ways. Self-care is the process of taking care of yourself with behaviors that promote health and wellness in the prevention of and during illness. What is wellness? Wellness is the state of being in good health, especially as a goal. Wellness encompasses many aspects of our daily life; including but not limited to Emotional, Physical, Financial, Sexual, Occupational, Spiritual, etc. What are some ways in which this applies to you?

Emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual wellness are very closely intertwined. For example, sexual wellness can be creating a healthy masturbation routine that has physical, emotional, and even spiritual benefits. Masturbation is an excellent way of maintaining all of these wellness spaces. In the physical aspect, masturbation can help support a healthy heart. It also supports and relieves menstrual cramps and muscle tension. In the emotional aspect, it can reduce stress and increase self-esteem. It also helps to promote better sleep habits. In the spiritual aspect, masturbation can help you become more aligned with yourself and even be a part of your rituals of manifestations or daily wellness.

It seems really intimidating and might even prove to be difficult to maintain so many routines to check all the boxes of wellness for oneself. But to show you how it might be a little bit more manageable, I’m going to share some ways in which I personally maintain overall wellness.  I am a person who has a chronic illness, fibromyalgia. Because of this, sometimes doing daily tasks, especially those that are needed to maintain my daily wellness, can be difficult. If I am having a low spoons day – I may modify or skip some of my daily wellness routines; but if I am feeling 100% and have the time, I try and get through the entire routine. In the morning, when I first wake up, I take the time to light some palo santo, sage, and incense. This is the start of my spiritual wellness routine. I then clean up my space, make my bed, and put on some nice meditation music. Next, I go into my daily stretches and light yoga and exercise, depending on how I’m feeling that day. This is a part of my physical wellness. I then give thanks to my ancestors and do some affirmations along with a quick, silent meditation. This is a part of my emotional and spiritual wellness routine. Soon after that, I jump right back into bed and grab my favorite sex toy of the month, along with one of my favorite lubes from Sliquid…either the Sliquid Sea or Sliquid H2O, which are two of my absolute favorites! This checks my emotional and sexual wellness boxes for my routine.  Soon after that, I get my tea or coffee started with breakfast and set my space up comfortably to work – since I work from home.

While this might not seem substantial, it goes a long way – and hopefully showcases ways in which you can create healthy, simple, and manageable wellness routines to maintain overall personal wellness. We often hear that we need to eat right, exercise, and stress less. However, wellness is much more multifaceted and complex than that. In addition, individually we all have very different needs and might need more support/attention in certain wellness areas than others. What are some ways in which you support yourself and overall wellness? What is your wellness routine? Feel free to share in the comments. As always lovelies, be gentle with yourselves and #HeauxResponsibly!

Heaux on the Geaux

About The Author

“Saniyyah (They/Them/Saniyyah) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education for folks in the Black and brown communities – prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Saniyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Saniyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities”


Sliquid Debuts Sparkle Pride-Edition Lubricant

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: — August 24, 2023 — Dallas TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid ( is pleased to announce the release of a new Pride-edition lubricant, Sliquid Sparkle.

Sliquid Sparkle, the newest addition to the Sliquid Naturals collection, made its industry debut at the ANME show in Burbank, California, this past July. Sparkle, a re-packaging of the brand’s flagship product, Sliquid H2O, is a superior water-based formula that uses only five ingredients.  This lubricant, comprised mostly of purified water, is unflavored, unscented, non-staining, pH balanced, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free.

While the lubricant itself does not contain glittery flakes or shiny particles, Sparkle gets its fun name from the unique purpose behind the product. Sliquid, whose headquarters is in Dallas, will be donating a portion of the sale of every bottle of Sparkle to two North Texas non-profits that service the local LGBTQ+ community.

“The decision to donate a portion of the proceeds of this Pride-edition lubricant to two local organizations was the easiest part of this project,” says Erik Vasquez, VP of Marketing for Sliquid.  “As a member of the Dallas LGBTQ+ community for over two decades, I know these two organizations very well, and have always been an advocate and champion of the work they do for a community that is near and dear to my heart.”

The two non-profits that Sliquid has chosen as beneficiaries are Resource Center and Legacy Cares.  Established in 1983, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, Resource Center pursues societal equity by proudly offering LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, plus) affirming resources designed to improve health and wellness, strengthen families and communities, and provide transformative education and advocacy. For over 25 years, Legacy Cares, formerly Legacy Counseling Center, has been providing quality mental healthcare, substance abuse treatment, and special care housing services for people challenged with HIV and AIDS.

Though Sparkle is marketed as a Pride-edition lubricant, it will be available to the public year-round. Similarly, the donations to these two non-profits will also be ongoing. Pride is something that Sliquid considers to be a constant movement, not relegated to a specific month or time of year.

“Packaging is as important as the product itself,” say’s Vasquez. “The stark white label and bottle cap for Sparkle is a departure from the customary Sliquid packaging for which the brand has become known.”  Sliquid has crafted a unique retail identity for its products with its bold, color-coded labels specific to individual formulas. “In the case of Sparkle, the marketing team decided to take the opposite approach, instead opting for a bright white cap and white label with metallic rainbow accents. This absence of a bold, prominent color helps to set this special edition lubricant apart from our other well-known formulas, making it pop when merchandised among the Sliquid product range.”

The colorlessness of the label, while playing an important part in the overall branding for Sparkle, is mostly a vehicle for the messaging that is printed on it.  On the label, customers will find a whimsical artist drawing that includes queer imagery, such as a unicorn, leather daddy, the new inclusive Pride flag, and various gender non-specific people.  There are also important keywords used within the drawing, including LGBTQ, rights, and love.  Turning to the back of the bottle, you will find the words “Pleasure With Purpose™”, which is the newly trademarked tagline for Sliquid Sparkle. The tagline was created by Sliquid VP of Marketing, Erik Vasquez, to convey the larger purpose and mission behind the product and the company.

“We are proud to say that, at any given time, roughly half of our workforce identify as LGBTQ+,” says Sliquid founder and CEO, Dean Elliott. “Diversity and inclusivity are the bare minimum a company can do. Without action both are merely performative so, when the marketing team pitched me the idea of this Pride-edition product and its fundraising purpose, it made me proud to have a team that uses their creative gifts to help Sliquid give back to their community.”

The messaging that Sliquid has prominently transcribed on the Sparkle label perfectly encompasses the idea behind the product.  “People, like pleasure, exist on a beautiful spectrum. Whether you are part of the rainbow community or an ally, this lubricant is for you.”  Sliquid Sparkle is now available in 2.0 and 4.2-ounce options. Retailers can access Sparkle via a select number of distribution partners, which include Entrenue, Honey’s Place, Nalpac, and Ultra Love. MSRP for Sparkle 2.0 and 4.2-ounce is $10 and $14, respectively. For marketing assets related to Sparkle, please email

To learn more about Sliquid visit Follow Sliquid through social media on Twitter and Instagram @Sliquid, on Facebook at, and on YouTube at



When it comes to sexytime, lube makes everything better! In fact, “use more lube” is the #1 piece of advice that sex educators give. Lube can reduce uncomfortable friction during everything from handjobs to penetrative sex, making sex more pleasurable and safe. Why safer? Too much friction can create micro-tears in delicate tissues, and those openings make it more likely that bacteria or viruses will be transmitted. Too much friction can also make condoms more likely to tear.

Not all lubes are created equally, so it’s important to be selective when choosing one for yourself or your partner. Read more on Elite Daily.


A Deep Dive Into Anal Prep, Play, and Care.

Happy August, everyone! Summer is almost over, but not before everyone’s favorite month shows up and shows out! Anal August is a time of year when we celebrate all things about anal and anal pleasure. Before we dive in, let’s talk about what anal play is. Anal play is any type of sexual activity involving your butt (ex. rimming, fingering, fisting, toy play, and penis penetration). The anus contains a very high concentration of nerve endings, making the area highly pleasurable.  Just like any other intimate area, the anus is one that also requires care and prep before play.

Anal Play for Penis Owners:

For penis owners, anal play is utilized with the focus of stimulating the prostate. Experts at WebMD state, “The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostate is just in front of the rectum. The urethra runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine flow out of the body. The prostate secretes fluid that nourishes and protects sperm.” Stimulating the prostate through the anus or anal play can result in a prostate orgasm! The prostate can be stimulated in lots of ways through anal play, as mentioned above (i.e. fingering, fisting, toys, and penis penetration)

Anal Play for Vulva Owners:

For vulva owners, anal play is just as pleasurable as it is for penis owners. The difference is that vulva-owners do not have a prostate; however, anal stimulation can help to achieve G-spot and A-spot stimulation and orgasm for the recipient. According to experts at Healthline:

 “The G-spot is about the size of a penny. You can usually stimulate it by making a come-hither motion with your fingers inside your vagina, or with penetration angled at your front vaginal wall. The A-spot is also located along the front vaginal wall, about two inches deeper inside the vaginal canal than the G-spot.”

While the G-spot is quite an elusive part of the vagina and the A-spot is even a little more difficult to find, they are a part of erogenous zones that make for an exciting type of orgasm. These spots can be reached through stimulation through the vagina and through the anus because of their positioning.

Prepping for Anal, Anal Tips & Aftercare:

Anal prep, tips, and aftercare are the same for vulva owners and penis owners; you just need to find the things that work for you and incorporate them into your routine. If you are the person who is on the receiving end of anal stimulation, I offer these suggestions:

1) Make sure to eat a healthy high-fiber diet and maintain good hydration, to help with easy bowel moments that are nice and solid and minimize any poop/residue when engaging in anal play. It is also important to note that is a naturally occurring bodily function and sometimes a little poop may make an appearance. No need to freak out, just keep a couple of wipes handy for easy clean-up!

2) Slow and steady is the way to go when engaging in any anal penetration. Start off either with solo anal training with a variety of toys like butt plugs, anal beads, or anal dilators/training kits and fingers to get the ball rolling!

3) Lube is your best friend! The more the better. If you are looking for recommendations on a good lube to use for your toys, we suggest using the wonderful Sliquid Sassy which is a natural, thick, water-based lubricant that is made to mimic your body’s natural lubrication. This lube is one of my favorites to use because it maintains moisture which is super important when doing any anal play. This lube is also very safe to use with toys!

Another awesome lube I would suggest using is Sliquid Satin which is an aloe and carrageenan water-based lubricant! It’s such a nice smooth feel that you will feel not only lubricated but moisturized when you use it. This lubricant is also safe to use with toys as well.

As a person who is the giver of anal stimulation, make sure that your hands, genitals, or toys you are using are cleaned, charged, and free of anything that may cause discomfort. Cutting your fingernails and keeping them low and trimmed, if engaging in fingering, is also extremely important to prevent internal cuts and microtears. Also, communicate! Talk to the person receiving and see what their wants and needs are. The person who is receiving should be taking the lead in the experience.

Anal aftercare is extremely important because, unlike the vagina, the anus’ elasticity is not the same and there are important things to remember to maintain good anal health. Some tips for aftercare and general anal wellness are:

  • Communication and cuddling with your partner! This can happen before, during, and after anal. Anal stimulation and penetration can be overwhelming for some and communicating needs, feelings, and thoughts with some added gentle physical intimacy are important.
  • Kegels! Like the vagina – the anus also has muscles that need to be worked out and maintained to create and keep a healthy pelvic floor. You can do anal Kegels by inserting a toy, flexing, and repeating
  • CBD oil and vitamin E oil are great ways to help with any discomfort or mild pain. It is important to note that if you are bleeding or experiencing any intense pain after anal penetration, stop immediately and go to a doctor to make sure nothing more serious is wrong.
  • Take a nice warm bath or shower to help with inflammation or discomfort. This can be done solo or with a partner to also create another moment of intimacy for aftercare, as well as a sexy way to clean up after play.

Anal play and anal stimulation are really fun and pleasurable aspects to add to your sexual experience. This is a friendly reminder that engaging in anal play doesn’t determine your sexual orientation. There is a lot of homophobia and cleanliness stigma around anal play but we’re here to say it’s time to stop the stigma. A lot of people are scared of what they don’t know; however, how do you know if you don’t like something if you haven’t tried it at least once? Curiosity is normal, and so is exploration – especially in sex. We hope you take this Anal August to explore and learn more about how anal can maybe be a fun addition to your solo and partnered play! #HeauxResponsibly 🙂

Heaux on the Geaux

About The Author

“Saniyyah (They/Them/Saniyyah) aka @HeauxOnTheGeaux is a Community Sexual Health Educator, Pleasure Activist, Heaux Mentor, Abortion Doula & Sex Toy Reviewer. They strive to create easy & accessible, free sex education for folks in the Black and brown communities – prioritizing liberation, decolonization & harm reduction. Saniyyah’s goal in their work is to create a world in which sex & shame no longer co-exist; a world in which speaking freely about sex & pleasure are no longer taboo; and as a non-binary, queer, polyamorous person, Saniyyah also emphasizes uplifting & highlighting those in their marginalized communities”

Best lubricant for menopause 2022: Top products for relief and hydration.

Menopause is a natural biological process that happens in your 40s or 50s, marking the end of your menstrual cycles. As a result, there is a decrease in oestrogen and testosterone production. The decrease in oestrogen associated with menopause has a significant impact on vaginal lubrication in most women.

It is not uncommon for menopausal women to complain of vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, increased time to become sexually aroused, and less intense orgasmic response. In order to make sex more pleasurable, using a lubricant can greatly relieve your discomfort and make intimacy more enjoyable for you and your partner.

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Best lubes for a seamless, sensual experience.

Evening Standard UK

When Samuel E. Wright sang “It’s better, down where it’s wetter” in The Little Mermaid’s Under The Sea, he probably wasn’t talking about lube.

But the same rule applies, especially if you’re someone – or sleeping with someone – who’s stressed, dehydrated, struggling with a medical condition, going through menopause or something else. In reality, there are endless different reasons as to why lube may benefit your sex life, even if it’s just to add a little variety into your routine.

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National Orgasm Day

The month of July is coming to a close…but not before the Big ‘O’. That’s right everyone, it’s National Orgasm Day! Every year, on July 31st, we celebrate and educate all about the wonders of the elusive orgasm. In 2022 – we have come so far in the discoveries and advances in sexual health, wellness, technology, and our bodies that the orgasm discussion has shifted. In previous years, the conversations around orgasms were much more concealed. Folks were a little shyer about their abilities to orgasm due to the unrealistic expectations of what orgasms were supposed to look and feel like – presented in media. Not only this, but sex was also much more centered around the pleasure and orgasm/satisfaction of the penis owner or man. Today, we have seen such a massive shift to the idea that 1) sex isn’t just about orgasm being the main or end goal & 2) each orgasm is unique and looks and feels different for each individual.

Did you know that there are over 20 different orgasms that vulva owners and penis owners can experience? That’s a lot of orgasms! Let’s identify some:

Orgasms Vulva Owners Can Experience & How To Have Them:

Source: Women’s Health

  • Clitoral – The clitoris is a small, nerve-dense structure seated at the top of the vaginal opening, and serves no function other than to provide sexual pleasure.
  • G-Spot – “The G spot is a hypothesized highly erogenous area on the anterior (or front) vaginal wall of the urethral sponge that can be stimulated during sexual activity,” Loanzon says. “It is the female equivalent to the prostate.”
  • C-Spot – The C-spot is your cervix, and involves nerve endings located in the cervix and around the uterus.
  • Squirting/Ejaculation – Did you know that female ejaculation, or squirting, is technically a completely separate process from orgasm? “You can squirt without orgasming, and orgasm without squirting,” Marin says.

Orgasms Penis Owners Can Experience & How To Have Them:

Source: MysteryVibe

  • Ejaculatory – This is the most common type of orgasm that men experience during sex when experiencing penile stimulation, getting a blow job, or indulging in solo masturbation.
  • Non-Ejaculatory/Retrograde – Retrograde ejaculation or dry orgasm occurs when the muscle or sphincter near the neck of your bladder fails to contract, which means you don’t release the semen through your urethra, instead, it goes to the bladder.
  • Prostate – Did you know that men have a “G-spot” just like women do? This male G-spot is called the prostate gland, also popular as the P-spot.
  •  Blended – A blended orgasm, also known as the whole-body orgasm, occurs when you reach your climax from several different body parts being stimulation at once.

Orgasms Both Can Experience & How To Have Them:

Source: Women’s Health

  • Nipple – “When the nipples are stimulated, oxytocin is released, which causes the same uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasm,” says ob-gyn Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
  • BlendedBlended orgasms are combining clitoral stimulation with some kind of other stimulation, and that can actually be a great way—once you’ve mastered the clitoral orgasm—to figure out what other parts of your body feel like,” Marin says.
  • Coregasm – A coregasm is “when you work out and you have orgasms” just from the physical activity, Marin says
  • Skin/Frission – A skin orgasm is also called “frisson,” like the tingle that runs through your limbs when you hear a particularly affecting song. Maybe you get goosebumps, maybe your hair stands up, or maybe you get a little shiver.
  • Sleep – “People of all genders can have orgasms in their sleep. Orgasm happens in the brain, and the brain is quite active at night,” Marin tells Women’s Health.
  • Breath – “Sex is often pigeon-holed into a physical act involving the genitals, but the reality is that the hottest sex happens between our ears—and is often enhanced by how we use our breath and lungs,” O’Reilly says.
  • Fantasy – “So powerful is the mind’s hold over our sexuality that some people can actually ‘think’ themselves off,” says O’Reilly.

With all of those awesome ways to orgasm, what are some ways to enhance them or keep them coming? Sliquid has awesome products we are excited to share with you!

Sliquid Organic – Sensation

Sliquid - Sliquid Organics - Sensation - Organic Stimulating Lube - Group Shot

This awesome aloe-based stimulating lube goes on cool and warms with friction! Not only does this lubricant provide a lot with just a little, but it’s also formulated, with quality ingredients, with your body in mind! This is one of my favorite lubricants to use to provide my vulva with additional lubrication and a change of sensation during a marathon session! If you’re more of a silicone type of pal, check out Sliquid Spark which is another great stimulating silicone lubricant just like the aloe-based one.

Sliquid Organic – O Gel

This really small but mighty product is one of my favorites from Sliquid! The O Gel is clitoral stimulation lubricating gel that is made with natural ingredients to help with arousal and stimulation to keep you going. I have personally used this product solo and with partners and it has been a fun addition to take my orgasms to the next level! Also, the scent is really relaxing and definitely adds to the experience.

Ride Bodyworx Rock

Ride BodyWorx Rock - Rock- Ride BodyWorx - Sliquid - Delay Spray

This Sliquid product is for our penis owners! BodyWorx Rock is another small but mighty product that is a topical spray meant to help you last longer. It comes in a compact and convenient spray formula that shows immediate results. This spray is a desensitizer so make sure to use it responsibly and safely; meaning: do not use it repeatedly for an extended period of time and make sure to wash it off of the skin in between uses!

Orgasms are genuinely like snowflakes, each one is an individual & one-of-a-kind experience. You can never have the same orgasm twice, but you can always have an explosive sexual experience that heightens and spices up the way you achieve that Big ‘O’. After reading this article, how many types of orgasms have you experienced? What type of orgasms are you curious about and might want to try? Remember to be gentle with yourselves and that the key to a great sexual experience, whether solo or with a partner, is communicating and being upfront about what it is you like, need, and desire and getting that ever-so-important consent! Happy Orgasming! #HeauxResponsibly


13 Flavored Lube Options for Tastier Oral Sex

Hello, friends. Welcome to today’s class about enhancing your sex life. First thing to know: Lube is your vagina’s best friend. Second thing to know: Flavored lube is your mouth’s best friend. Why is flavored lubricant so great, you ask? For one, you may find that different tastes enhance your arousal, pleasure, and presence during oral sex and sex play.

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Best Lotion For Jerking Off That Won’t Damage Your Skin In 2022

The Washington Independent

Many people nowadays are looking for the best lotion for jerking off that will enhance their self-pleasure moments while not harming their skin.

Because the skin on your genitals is sensitive, the goal of this lotion is to reduce friction during masturbation. The best lube for jerking off will give you the most pleasure while also protecting your skin from rashes or unwanted friction.

However, if you’re new to the world of masturbation lotions, selecting the right one can be a challenge. It’s natural for some people to feel overwhelmed when trying to find a suitable brand of masturbation lotion due to the abundance of options.

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The Best Edible Lubes for a Gourmet Oral Experience

Oral sex is an art form. However, despite being a beautiful, age-old tradition that has been practiced since the dawn of time (probably), I’m here to let you in on a little secret: It can get even better. If you’re thinking, “HOW?!” good for you [wink], but let’s think about your partner. It’s fair to say that all sex is better when your co-star is thoroughly enjoying themselves. When your partner(s) are super into you and passionately perform an act of love, it’s even more of a turn-on—and that’s where flavored lube comes into play. 

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What is Non-Binary?

We hope everyone’s PRIDE month was loud, proud, bold & beautiful. This month is also chock-full of PRIDE as we enter Non-Binary Awareness Week. Non-Binary Awareness Week, which runs July 11th – 16th, is a week dedicated to raising awareness about the lives, needs, and visibility of those who don’t identify with the traditional gender binary. July 14th is International Non-Binary People’s Day! This day was created and observed to celebrate the wide spectrum of folks who identify as non-binary.

I’m sure some of you may be wondering, what is non-binary? The term non-binary refers to individuals who fall outside of the gender binary as we know it. Some folks who are non-binary see themselves as neither man nor woman, or as both man and woman. And some other non-binary folks see themselves as something else not on the traditional binary. Something else important to express is that while there are many folks who are non-binary that also identify as transgender, not all non-binary people identify as such. Non-binary can also be an umbrella term for folks who identify as bi-gender, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc.

For some folks, this information might not be new or common knowledge – so let’s break down being non-binary, and what it means, by talking about the difference between gender identity and gender expression. Gender is a complicated system of social identities, roles & expressions, commonly assigned based on one’s genitalia, assigned at birth. However, gender as we know it is a wide spectrum that goes further than man and woman. Gender Identity (internal – what you feel on the inside), is one’s own sense of gender, personally. Gender identities also have a vast spectrum; folks can be and identify as transgender, cisgender, 2Spirit, non-binary, etc. Gender identities, as we continue to see, are unique to every culture. Gender Expression (external – how we want to be viewed), usually, but not always, reflects a person’s gender identity. This is, you guessed it, also on a very wide spectrum. Folks can express/present masculine, butch, androgynous, femme, etc. And those are just a few examples of ways that folks express themselves!

As mentioned before, non-binary people who identify outside of the gender binary have existed in other non-western cultures and societies for many centuries. We are living in a revolutionary time where people are decolonizing their understanding of what we know, including gender, sex, & sexuality, and embracing our full authentic selves! Maybe you already have someone in your life who is non-binary, and if not, chances are one day you will meet someone who identifies as such. Here are a few tips and ways to be a better ally and supporter to your non-binary siblings. As always lovelies, thank you for learning with us and remember to #heauxresponsibly. 


Celebrate Pride Month By Supporting These 4 LGBTQ+ Organizations

If you didn’t already know, June is PRIDE month! Celebrated annually, across the United States, Pride month commemorates a huge victory for LGBT+ liberation – started by the Stonewall Riots in NYC in 1969 that Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera led. Just a few years before that, on the other side of the country, transgender women and drag queens led the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot in 1966 in San Francisco. Both of these historic moments were prompted by the discrimination, violence, and mistreatment of LGBTQ+ folks in their respective communities, as well as all over the country. The first PRIDE celebration was a year later in 1970 and was observed on the last Sunday of June. Today, PRIDE is celebrated all month long with marches, parades, performances, and other amazing events to honor LGBTQ+ people of the past, present, and future! While there are many individuals doing great things to help support the LGBTQIA+ community, there are also a number of amazing organizations doing wonderful work. Let’s explore some!

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is a suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth in the United States. It is the largest one in existence in the world and accessible to youth all over the country. The Trevor Project has 5 programs through their organization: Crisis Services, Peer Support, Research, Advocacy & Public Education. Their organization centers on diversity and inclusion and youth centricity – making sure to analyze and research what the community needs and respond accordingly. You can support The Trevor Project by volunteering or donating directly to their website. If you or someone you know is struggling or in need of support – click here to get connected to a counselor.

Trans Lifeline

This amazing organization is a trans-run and operated grassroots hotline and micro-grants non-profit. They offer direct emotional and financial support to transgender people in crisis. Founded in 2014, just after Trans Day of Remember (November 20th), a group of folks realized that they needed access to support and care that was free from police and institutions. Merging with Trans Assistance Project in 2016 – Trans Lifeline has turned into what it is today, an incredibly vital and important resource for folks in the transgender community. You can support Trans Lifeline by volunteering or donating directly to their website. If you would like to get connected click here to get info for the hotline.


GLAAD is a non-governmental media monitoring organization that was founded as a protest against inaccurate/defamatory coverage of LGBT+ people. GLAAD was founded in 1985 by Vito Russo, Jewelle Gomez, and Lauren Hinds when they noticed that the New York Post was posting sensationalized and homophobic media coverage of the AIDS epidemic. Since then, GLAAD has vastly expanded its scope of advocacy and community support. Their current programming includes Entertainment Media, Transgender Media, Latinx & Spanish-Language Stories, Southern Stories, Global Voices, and News Media & Rapid Response. Their main purpose and focus are to make sure information is accurate, respectful, and a vehicle of mainstream acceptance. If you would like to support GLAAD, you can donate directly to their website.

GSA Network

The GSA Network is a non-profit organization that supports, empowers, and trains queer, trans, and allied youth leaders to advocate, organize, and mobilize in school and community settings. One of their main values and driving forces in the organization is focusing on not only gender and sexuality justice but also referencing the racial intersectionality of these experiences as well. They are a grassroots organization that works with youth, for youth – in school communities by making sure accurate, inclusive, and factual gender and sexuality education and GSA support are accessible and available to youth in their respective schools and communities. You can support the GSA network by registering/starting a GSA program, volunteering, and donating directly on their website.

This PRIDE month, if you are someone who identifies with the LGBTQ+ community, we hope you take this time to celebrate, reflect, and gather with your loved ones and community. If you are an ally, or someone who does not identify with the LGBTQ+ community, please take this month to educate yourself on ways to not just be an ally, but a co-conspirator and accomplice to the community. Find ways to give support directly to those in the community other than just donating money to organizations. Time, action/advocacy, and tangible donations are just some of the ways that people in the LGBTQ+ community can use your support. With all of the attacks against individuals and groups in the LGBTQ+ community happening around the country, now more than ever – it is important that we stand together, stand strong, and keep one another safe. Happy PRIDE! Celebrate your freedom and liberation, not just today, but all 365!