Our Favourite Lubricants on the Market

Using a personal lubricant during intercourse (vaginal or anal) or while using a sex toy is ideal for everyone. It’s known to enhance your sexual pleasure, relieve dryness and soreness that can occur from penetration (both the penetrated and penetrating partner), and reduces friction to lessen your chances of becoming injured during sexual play. For folks into anal sex, it’s quite necessary to use to prevent tearing, as the anus is not a self-lubricating orifice.

Nonetheless, there are so many different lubes on the market to choose from, each with their set of ingredients and promises of sexual enhancements. How does one pick the best option for them?

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5 Vegan Non-Toxic Lubes Gwyneth Paltrow Would Approve Of

Not all personal care products are created equal – and the same goes for your lube.

In a perfect world, the products we buy from stores would be kind to animals, have as little negative impact on the environment as possible, and not contain potentially harmful ingredients. This is especially true when you’re looking for very personal products, like lube. It’s something that’s completely normal for anyone to buy, but some of the most well-known brands not only rely on animal testing but also contain ingredients you might not want near your nethers.

In an article on Goop, the wellness brand created by Oscar-winning actor Gwyneth Paltrow, Doctor Maggie Ney, co-director at the Women’s Clinic at the Akasha Center in Santa Monica, explains how toxic ingredients in common lubricants can have a negative effect on health.

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Sliquid Set For SPAM Takeover

Dallas, TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is staging a takeover of the Sex Professionals and Manufacturers (SPAM) Facebook group from February 8th – 12th.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the crew at Sliquid is taking their turn at facilitating the content for the popular industry-led Facebook group called Sex Professionals and Manufacturers, or SPAM.  The group, created by Deja Vu Love Boutique’s Megan Swartz, was launched in April of 2020 as the world began to shut down due to the pandemic.  The group, as stated on their page, “is designed to help retail sales associates learn about new products to come and polish up on the old as well.”

“We are super-duper excited to be taking over the SPAM page next week, says Michelle Marcus, VP of Sales and Merchandising for Sliquid.  “The group is a very useful resource that has successfully kept retailers and manufacturers connected at a time when we are unable to see each other for in-person training.  Erik and I have a lot of fun things planned, including hilarious video content, fun contests, tons of fabulous prizes, and, most importantly, training on every item in our extensive product range.”

Facebook Live product training will take place Tuesday through Friday, starting with the Sliquid Naturals Collection on February 9th.  There are also several giveaways planned for every day of the week and members can expect a Facebook Live appearance by trans activist Buck Angel on Friday.  The full schedule of events for the week will be posted this coming Sunday afternoon. 

If you are not a member of the SPAM Facebook group, you can request to join here.


Sliquid Named “Sex Lubricant Company of the Year” at 2021 XBIZ Awards

Dallas, TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is honored to announce their 2021 XBIZ Awards win for Sex Lubricant Company of the Year.

Sliquid Natural Intimate Products is sliding into 2021 with a highly coveted title under their belt:  Sex Lubricant Company of the Year.  The company’s win was announced during the virtual broadcast of the annual XBIZ Awards show, presented this year by MyFreeCams, which was streamed live from Los Angeles on XBIZ.tv.

Sliquid’s Founder and CEO, Dean Elliott, praised his team for the win.  “I can’t think of a more gratifying honor to kick off this year!  The past 10 months have been a rollercoaster ride for our team, but with a little luck and a lot of hard work we were able to pivot and adapt.”

Elliott adds, “We are thankful for our amazing industry partners that have worked through this past year with us.  You are the reason we are the top lubricant manufacturer in the industry, and we look forward to reaching new heights with you in 2021.  And many thanks to our fabulous friends at XBIZ for this great honor.”

Founded in 2002, a time when lubricants contained questionable and undesirable ingredients, Sliquid came onto the scene with a mission to produce higher-quality lubricants using fewer, more natural ingredients that are body-safe for everyone.

“One reason that Sliquid continues to be a favorite of our retail and distribution partners, as well as our end-users, is because we offer an option for every type of lube lover out there,” notes Michelle Marcus, Sliquid VP of Sales & Merchandising.  “This gives our retailers ample opportunity to connect their customer with at least one, if not multiple, Sliquid lubricants.”

Click here for a complete list of 2021 XBIZ Awards winners.


Sliquid Nabs Win At The 2021 AVN “O” Awards

Dallas, TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is pleased to announce that their luxurious bubble bath collection, Sliquid Soak, has won Outstanding Body or Skin Care Line at the 2021 AVN “O” Awards.

Soak is a luxurious foaming bubble bath that comes in four distinct scents, including Cherry Blossom, Limoncello, Coconut Papaya, and Green Tea.  Formulated without any of the harsh chemicals usually associated with bath products, the ingredients in Soak combine to offer a moisturizing soak experience. Glycerin and paraben-free, Sliquid Soak is infused with aromatic essentials oils, natural sea salt, and mango and shea butter to create a luxuriant, in-home spa experience.

“This is an unbelievable honor,” says Dean Elliott, Founder and CEO of Sliquid.  “Thank you for this “O” Award!  It truly means the world to us.  I want to send out a huge thanks to our fabulous distribution partners and amazing retailers, friends, and family in the industry.  And, of course, a special thank you to everyone at AVN.”

Sliquid’s win was announced during the January 20th live-stream of the 12th annual AVN “O” Awards ceremony.  Click here for a complete list of 2021 AVN “O” Award Winners.

To place an order for the award-winning Sliquid Soak collection, email sales@sliquid.com , or contact your preferred distributor.

Follow Sliquid through social media on Twitter @Sliquid, on Facebook www.facebook.com/sliquid, and on Instagram @Sliquid.


Sliquid Receives 4 AVN “O” Award Nominations

Dallas, TX — Top, natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) is pleased to announce four nominations, across 3 categories, for the 12th Annual AVN “O” Awards.

Sliquid Soak, the luxurious bubble bath that comes in four distinct scents to enthrall the senses, is nominated for ‘Outstanding Body or Skin Care Line.’  Also nominated in this category is Buck Angel’s T-Wash, part of the ground-breaking T-Collection collaboration between Sliquid and trans activist and media personality Buck Angel.  Perfect for the trans man who is looking for a more effective alternative to traditional harsh soaps, Buck Angel’s T-Wash leaves skin feeling clean and moisturized while not disrupting the body’s pH.

“I am ecstatic that my T-Wash is garnering the recognition it deserves in the industry!  I work hard to produce products that I know are going to be useful to the trans community, to address needs that are specific to our personal experience and journey through transition.  There has been such a positive reaction to the launch of the T-Collection, and especially to my T-Wash,” says Buck Angel, Sliquid partner and namesake of T-Wash.  “I have to shout out everyone at Sliquid for helping me bring this, and all my other, products to market.  And thank you to my friends at AVN for the nomination.”

Also nominated this year are RIDE ROCCO Water Based lubricant for ‘Outstanding Lubricant Product or Line’ and Sliquid Spark stimulating silicone lubricant for ‘Outstanding Supplement or Enhancement’.  RIDE ROCCO Water Based is a water-based lubricant that has been infused with seaweed extract to offer a slicker, longer-lasting experience.  Spark is Sliquid’s premium, pharmaceutical-grade silicone blend that has been infused with menthol to offer a stimulating effect for increased pleasure.

Speaking on his product’s nomination, Rocco Steele said, “I am thrilled that our water-based lubricant has received a coveted “O” Award nomination!  I would say I am completely shocked that we did it within the first year of launching the RIDE ROCCO Collection, but I am more proud than surprised.  This lube is the best lube literally the best water-based lube on the market so I knew my fans and the industry would love it.  Thanks for the nomination, AVN.”

“We are honored to be nominated among many outstanding companies and products,” says Dean Elliott, Founder and CEO of Sliquid.  Our team is dedicated to creating products that speak to a wide variety of customers, so it is wonderful to see that our LGBTQ-focused collaboration choices are succeeding and that our mainline Sliquid products are continuing to please our long-time Sliquid partners.  Best of luck to all who are nominated, and Team Sliquid wishes everyone a healthy and happy New Year.”

The AVN “O” Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in pleasure products during the past year.  The 12th annual ceremony is scheduled to live-stream at 8 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 20 on the AVN Novelty Expo (ANE) digital platform.

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The Best Lubes for Sex: Vaginal, Solo, & Anal Play

Today, we’re going to meet at the intersection of pleasure aids and sexual health — lubricants.

The fact is, lubes may look like they’re all created equally, but they are not. Shockingly, not only can the ingredients in some commonly used lubricants cause yeast infections and odors — if you’re using the wrong type of lube with your toy, it can end up creating bacterial infestations. Sexy, huh?

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What’s the Best Kind of Lube for the Sex You Want to Have?

Lube goes with sex the way cream goes with an Oreo: You just can’t have one without the other. As a certified sex educator, I can’t say enough good things about lube. Lube makes sex better. It really is that simple. It doesn’t matter how turned on you are (or aren’t), lube will still enhance your experience. Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, always use lube.

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The 10 Best Sex Toys to Buy Right Now, According to a Sex Therapist

Between being a sex educator, sex therapist, having my own sex life, I’m fortunate enough to have tried hundreds of sex toys.

I know it can be super overwhelming to walk into a sex shop or even search for sex toys online and get your new toy ‘discreetly shipped’ to you — only to wonder if you got the “right” toy made of the right material. There’s a general lack of sex education in the U.S., but when it comes to using sex toys and pleasure aids, there is virtually zero education.

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The 5 Most Common Manual Masturbation Mistakes People Make, According to a Sexologist

Many have explored their own body in a hands-on way at some point or another, but those who have mastered the art of the climax without the help of a vibrator or other sex toy are true masturbatory artists. And while I have the deepest admiration for those who have magic fingers (you can picture me fluttering my digits as you read that), we can’t all be so blessed. What we can do, however, is recognize which manual masturbation mistakes are pulling a five-finger discount on your pleasure.

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How to Use a Vibrator: 11 Tips for First-Timers

Figuring out how to use a vibrator can be a little overwhelming, particularly when you’re searching for your very first sex toy. Should you get that slightly intimidating-looking rabbit vibrator or that tiny little bullet vibrator?

That’s why Teen Vogue spoke to sex experts to get the best tips on how to use a vibrator—and which ones are the best for getting down as a first-timer.

If you’re a first-timer, here’s how to use a vibrator—along with some suggestions for the best ones to start your ~sexy adventure~.

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21 O-mazing Sex Toys to Gift Yourself or Someone Special This Year

Why do we love opening gifts? It’s the thrill of guessing what’s under the wrapping, that sweet carnal release at the first tear of paper, and the warmth that lingers from knowing someone cared enough to get you something nice.

You know what does those same things? Orgasms!

So why not give the gift of O’s with a sex toy this holiday season? Rhetorical question! Assuming you and the giftee are close, there’s no good reason not to. That’s why we put together this list of 21 sex toys that totally live up to the buzz.

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How to Have Strap-On Sex for Beginners

Whether your interest in strap-on sex comes from your boo’s suggestion, after watching Below Her Mouth, or at the recommendation of your friendly neighborhood Instagram sex educator, there’s no question: Strap-on sex can be really freaking pleasurable.

Still, because it’s not a sex act taught in sex-ed curriculums, it rarely makes an appearance in TV and movies, and isn’t discussed in most social circles, you probably have some questions. For example: What supplies do you need for strap-on sex? How do you have good strap-on sex?

To answer all your Qs, here’s a strap-on sex guide, with the help of two sex educators.

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