Summer is here and with it the opportunity for hijinks and shenanigans. It’s the perfect time to stock up on some lube and use your imagination for all the slippery ways you can have fun in the heat. Stuck for ideas? Here are some fun (if outlandish) uses for lube this summer.

1. Adult Slip N Slide

Whether you’re having a backyard cookout and want to surprise your friends with some messy, adult style fun or just want some adventures with a partner, this challenge is for you. You’ll want loads of plastic (the kind painters use as drop cloths), A LOT of lube, and a hose with water supply. Lube up each participant before their run and watch as the slippery fun begins. Be aware – the whole thing only gets more slippery with use!

2. Expert Level Twister

Roll out your old Twister mat and relive this childhood favorite in a naughty way. Slather lube on each other and try not to fall when you spin left hand on green! The lube will make trying not to slip extra sexy. And if you do slip? You’re in the perfect spot to have some frisky, lubed-up fun!

3. Lube Wrestling

A great idea for use after the above ideas is the ancient sport of wrestling. You will want a ring (kiddie blow up wading pool is perfect), and some basic rules. From there? Try to pin your slippery snake of an opponent while avoiding being caught yourself. If you have enough players for teams, slathering a watermelon in lube, as well as scantily clad contestants can lead to an epic game of keep away.

4. Chill Out With It

Feeling too hot to get frisky? There’s no sexier way to beat the heat than with a bottle of lube that’s been chilled in the fridge for a few hours. Drizzling this chilly liquid on your partner will heighten their pleasure and make foreplay a possibility – even without the A/C. Even if sexy time isn’t in your future, chilled lube makes a great summer massage oil.

5. Household Super Product

It turns out there are plenty of ways to use lube that aren’t really about sexy times at all. Need to polish your shoes, purse, belt, or leather, ahem, toys? A little dab of silicone lube will work wonders. Squeaky hinges? Lube ’em up. Static hair or tights? Get rid of that clinginess with a little squirt of that Sliquid Silver. Some folks swear the closest shave is provided by water based lubes. Ok so maybe this doesn’t sound like fun but all housework can turn into play time if you and your partner teamed up to get it done together – in your underwear.

6. Smooth Sensations
Time for a little fun in the dark! Both you and your partner spread lube all over each others’ naked bodies. Summer is the perfect time to be au natural to keep cool. Turn off the lights and add blindfolds, if needed. Then spend some time exploring each others bodies by gently sliding, touching, and kissing. Soon you’re likely to be rubbing those fun bits in an explosion of summer ecstasy.

What other ways have you used lube? What worked well and what failed miserably? Let us know!

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