8 Things To Know About Sex That You Never Learned In Sex Ed

Sex education is more important than ever, yet schools continue to teach only the basics. If you weren’t explicitly told to abstain from sex, you may have learned how to use a condom to prevent sexually transmitted infections — but not much beyond that. There are so many things to know about sex that you never learned in health class, and may not know even now. Conversations surrounding what constitutes consent are everywhere these days, yet some people are still confused. Women who are attracted to women are left out of the sex-ed curriculum altogether, but they need to learn about safe sex, too.

I spoke to Lisa Hochberger, a sexologist, sex educator, and sex therapist at Wiser Sex Therapy Associates in New York City, about what you should’ve learned in sex ed. If your memory of health class is limited to your gym teacher putting a condom on a banana, don’t worry. Your crash course is below. If any of these eight facts surprise you, you’re not alone. Luckily, knowledge is power — so spread the word.

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