As you can probably guess from the ingredients list Sliquid Organics Sensations is devoid of any parabens, glycerine, and petroleum but Sliquid also go the extra mile by making sure that none of their ingredients are tested on animals too. In fact the lubricant itself is vegan, so fellow vegans can feel confident using this lube.

Consistency-wise it is incredibly pleasant. Sliquid wears its name like a badge of pride because its lubricants truly are the very definition of slick. There’s really no other word that truly does this lubricant justice. The smooth elegance as this lubricant glides its way over the body is truly invigorating and feels both completely in harmony with the body while also providing something more. Every time I use a Sliquid lubricant I feel empowered and ensured that my sexual experience will be enhanced in some way and this is no different with Sliquid Organics Sensations.

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