With the beginning of the new year, Sliquid has decided to bring in fresh new packaging for the whole line. Those of you familiar with out line of bath products, Sliquid Splash, will have an idea of what is coming. Visit our Sliquid Splash page to see the direction we are heading.

The new packaging is geared more towards our female clientel, and is much more pleasing to the eye. Along with the new packaging, we will be introducing a new line of Point of Purchase display boxes to help punch the product in stores. There will be several different themed POP boxes to meet a variety of retailers needs.

Sliquid Splash is the first in line, and the new packaging has already hit distributors and stores. Sliquid H2O will be available in the new packaging by January 2007, with the rest of the line to fall in by April 2007. The POP displays will be available by April as well.

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