We told you they were coming, and here they are. The newly redesigned packaging for all Sliquid products have begun to arrive. Sliquid H2O will be the first to hit the market, with all new orders this year shipping with the new labels. Sliquid Smooth will also begin shipping this month.

The rest of the line will begin to arrive in stores over the next few months, to allow both our warehouse and our many retail stores to move out the old packaging and make room for the new.

The new images of Sliquid H2O and Smooth are already available on the website, and images of several of our Swirl line and the NEW Sliquid Sassy will be displayed in a new full page ad in Tango Magazine due out next month. Don’t miss picking up this issue, as there will be a chance for some great savings on Sliquid products in there for you.

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