Sliquid is proud to announce the newest member of the family, Ride Dude Lube. Dude Lube is a new packaging concept from Sliquid, and is an extension of the original Ride Body Works line of products. There are currently 2 formulations in the Dude Lube lineup – a super slick silicone, and a luxuriously thick water based gel. Though these lubes are made with men in mind, they still are a part of the safety conscious Sliquid family, which means they are formulated glycerin and paraben free, and are always safe for women (even if there’s not one around).

All Sliquid products are focused on safety, and Dude Lube is no exception. You can find Ride Dude Lube at your favorite retailer or distributor – and if you can’t, tell them to call us! (800) 754-STIFF.

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