DALLAS — Lube and lotion developer Sliquidhas received a 2011 XBIZ Award nomination for Stimulant/Lubricant Company of the Year.

The company said that Sliquid’ s research and development process uncovers and utilizes plant-based and organic materials in place of traditionally synthetically produced ingredients.

“The Sliquid team is thrilled to have been recognized for our hard work,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said.

“Being ‘green’ has become as essential to our business model as being body-safe and health conscious, and this past year’s developments have most definitely set us up for a stellar 2011.”

Sliquid made a complete rebrand of its lubricant collection in 2010 by introducing a brand new ingredient lineup and stand-out packaging design.

The company also teamed with adult retail store Babeland to create a Pink Lemonade flavored lube to raise money for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

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