Dallas, TX – Top natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid ( is excited to announce that it will be observing the month of August as #SliquidAnalAugust via a four-week social media effort.

Celebrate Anal August with Sliquid

The marketing team behind Sliquid is busy producing anal-focused content that will be distributed across all its social media platforms within the first 4 full weeks of August.  Though the origin is uncertain, the industry widely recognizes August as the month when anal pleasure and wellness is celebrated. Sliquid has prepared a variety of content, including graphic, video, and live streaming elements, in which they plan to deliver the message that anal stimulation should be destigmatized and explored by anyone who is intrigued.

Each week, the brand’s social media content will correlate to four aspects of anal play: 

Week 1 – PREPARE – Tips on how to prepare your mind and body for a pleasurable anal experience.

Week 2 – RELAX – How to relax so that the full experience of anal play is positive and memorable.

Week 3 – TRUST – The importance of trusting yourself and your anal sex partner(s).

Week 4 – PLEASURE – Tips on how to achieve a fully satisfying experience from anal stimulation.

“We, at Sliquid, believe that this month seems like a perfect opportunity to introduce the concept and practices of pleasurable anal play to our social media following,” says Erik Vasquez, Marketing Director for Sliquid.  “We know that our audience consists of beginners, as well as pros, and some people who may just be anal curious.  With that in mind, we intend to approach the topic of anal pleasure in a fun, approachable, and informative manner.”

Personal video testimonials, thoughtful infographics, and a special live stream from their Instagram account will all culminate to create a month-long session of engaging content that Sliquid hopes you will tune in for.

Be sure not to miss #SliquidAnalAugust by following them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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