DALLAS — Sliquid has introduced new packaging and scent for its “Splash” feminine wash line in an effort to better define the brand.

The company said that as part of the Balance Collection, Splash brings retailers a line of body washes featuring organic and plant-based ingredients with gentle soothing properties.

Each Splash varietal — Naturally Unscented, Honeydew Cucumber, Grapefruit Thyme and now Mango Passion — is packaged in opaque spa-quality bottles ideal for both adult and spa/beauty retail.

“This new look for Splash emphasizes its intended use — to cleanse the mind, body and spirit — and makes it easy to merchandise the line with other Sliquid items or on its own,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott, said.

He added, “We wanted to create a look that clearly designates Splash as a spa or beauty product no matter where it’s displayed while making it appropriate and appealing to our mainstream clients. The team is proud of this rebrand and we look forward to seeing the new and improved Splash on shelves around the world.”

The Mango Passion wash offer a naturally balanced scent that provides a “spa-worthy” sense for the consumer. Specially developed in-house, the wash features sensual somniferous properties harmonized with a subtly sweet, feminine fragrance.

Sliquid noted that Splash is glycerin and paraben free and an ideal alternative to traditional soap and bath products, that can feature harsh or drying ingredients. Each is lightly fragranced with essential oils, coconut derivatives and other natural ingredients and gentle enough for use in the most intimate and sensitive areas.

The products are available in cases of six units.

Contact a preferred distributor for pricing, or email sales@sliquid.com for wholesale information.

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