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2019-08-19 12:13

Bitta Asked: Silk ok for toys?

Is Sliquid silk safe for use with silicone toys?

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, since our Naturals Silk and Organics Silk both contain silicone, we suggest doing an area test to the base of the toy to be sure its compatible.

2019-08-12 02:00

AD Asked: Okay to use with condoms?

I took the quiz and was advised to buy the Silk Sliquid Naturals. Is this produce compatible with the use of condoms?

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, all of our lubricants are compatible with all condoms.

2019-08-07 04:47

ABC Asked: Product Compatibilty

Are the products in your organic line compatible with silicone toys?

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, most of them are compatible to silicone toys. The only that  I would suggest doing an area test to the base of the toy is Sliquid Organics Silk, which contains silicone.

2019-08-05 04:06

Alan Asked: Osmolality Question

What is the Osmolality of the following products? Organic Natural gel, Sassy, Organic Natural, H2O?


Sliquid Answered:

Hello, thank you for your question. All of our lubricants are usually in the 400 Р600 range.  This number is subject to variations from bottle to bottle depending on the batch.

2019-08-05 03:15

Sue Asked: Sliquid sea lubricant

Is it safe if it enters mouth during use

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, yes it is okay.

2019-08-02 04:35

Brittany Asked: Can u get pregnant

Can u get pregnant with sliquid silk

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, could you clarify your question?

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