Smitten Kitten has a large variety of lubricants, most of which has a tester bottle available for you to feel the texture and consistency. I was immediately drawn to Sliquid based on their name alone. I enjoy word mashups and their name amused me. I was further intrigued by their advertisement that they were organic and naturally based. Additionally I was a big fan of them being glycerin and paraben free as I have sensitive skin and both of these ingredients have caused irritation in my vaginal region in the past.

I poured a drop of their Sea on my fingertips and rubbed together. My first impression was that I was surprised at the complete lack of smell. Secondly after a minute or two my fingers were still lubricated but not sticking together; nor did they have a visible viscosity. My experience with many other lubricants was that they had an odor, or caused an odor either immediately or sometime during the application and use, and almost every other lubricant I have tried ended up leaving me feeling sticky and overall unclean.

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