Dallas, TX — Top natural intimates manufacturer Sliquid (www.sliquid.com) has begun offering more ways to stay connected, virtually, amid industry-wide disruptions in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sliquid Ramps Up Virtual Product Education Training

Adult businesses across the globe are finding new ways to work together as the day-to-day operations of many companies adjust to meet the new restraints of the work landscape. An unfortunate reality of the nation-wide “stay at home” mandates is that many brick and mortar stores, as well as distribution warehouse facilities, have been forced to temporarily cease operations and redirected focus to e-commerce sales and alternative methods of delivery. However, Sliquid is finding the silver lining to the situation by ramping up their virtual product education courses for their retail and distribution partners.

“Times are different, simply stated, and for a true ‘road warrior’ grounded 24/7 it has presented me with some necessary changes in my day-to-day to stay best connected to the retailers as well as our distribution partners, globally … and that’s okay,” says Michelle Marcus, VP of Sales and Merchandising for Sliquid. “In-store staff trainings are no longer the ’norm’, so this has become the time to take advantage of readily available conferencing technology platforms and virtually connect to the outside world, as we know it. Skype, Zoom, and Flock have become my newest BFFs, allowing Sliquid’s product education to continue to reach those that were scheduled for in-person training.”

These virtual meetings offer a great opportunity for stores to connect with Sliquid about enhancing their merchandising efforts and increasing their Sliquid product offerings. It is also an opportune time to collaborate on ideas that can successfully strengthen e-commerce sales of the Sliquid product range, especially as more and more customers are turning to these store’s websites to fulfill their intimate shopping needs.

“In my position as the VP of Sales & Merchandising, it is just as important to stay connected with my fellow ‘road warriors,’ so most of my mornings now begin by hopping onto a FB Live ’sesh’ that many from our industry fam bam are doing on a regular basis. This presents us with maintaining some level of sanity, whatever that may mean at this point in time, along with the opportunity to learn more about our industry. Both uplifting and interesting all the same, because what I am watching unfold in front of my eyes is a creative wheel on a constant rotation connecting ideas with brands and people that quite honestly was unlikely to occur before this ’new norm’ came into place.”

Marcus adds a nugget of hope for the future by saying, “Our industry is one that is strong and resilient, and we will reunite in the weeks or maybe months to come with A LOT more to be thankful for…and for many of us that just might be an endless supply of toilet paper!”

Sliquid is offering virtual product education training via numerous video and telephone conferencing platforms. To reschedule a pending, in-person training, or to inquire about setting one up for your team, please email the company directly at michelle@sliquid.com.

Follow Sliquid through social media on Twitter and Instagram @Sliquid, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sliquid.

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