DALLAS — Sliquid has unveiled redesigned packaging and a new formula featuring simplified versions of its existing all-natural ingredients for its line of lube.

Two significant ingredient upgrades involve swapping a nontoxic hypoallergenic additive and broad spectrum preservative for two natural alternatives that not only offer better results but also are naturally derived — making for a more eco-friendly, organic product, the company said.

“Sliquid is synonymous with women’s health and safety and our fabulous chemist regularly discovers and tests safer versions of ingredients necessary for the shelf life and functionality of the product,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “The new formula has become that much safer for your body – we used it and love it and once the testing feedback came back with the same accolades, we made the formulation change immediately.”

Cyamopsis, a conditioner naturally derived from guar gum, replaces a synthetic additive (polyquantonym 007), while potassium sorbate has replaced DMDM hydantoin used as a broad spectrum preservative. “We generally use one half of one percent of preservative in all of our products, just enough to kill potential mold spores from getting in during the bottling process,” Elliott said.

And to match Sliquid’ s new formulation, the 4.2-ounce and 8.5-ounce containers are made from the same recyclable material used to package the Sliquid Organics line. The new gender-neutral label is meant to better appeal to a broader customer demographic, the company said.

“Even though Sliquid will always cater to women’s safety, we wanted to make sure our gentlemen consumers weren’t completely turned off by our feminine packaging,” Elliott said. “Our market research revealed there was a large handful of men to whom our signature label — featuring the Sliquid Gal — didn’t appeal. Plus the new look seamlessly ties into Sliquid Organics, and the two lines look great together on the shelf.”

According to Sliquid, the revamped line will be ready for shipping after Labor Day.

For ordering information, visit Sliquid. com.

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