DALLAS — Female-focused lube and lotion developer Sliquid has signed on as co-sponsor of this weekend’s Good Vibrations fifth Annual Indie Erotic Film Festival.

“Good Vibrations has been a supporter of unique and innovative companies in the adult world for decades and we’re happy to return the favor by being part of their film festival,” SliquidCEO Dean Elliott said. “Some truly thought-provoking and mind-stimulating films have come out of these events in the last few years and we look forward to seeing what comes up at this year’s fest!”

Camilla Lombard, Good Vibes events and publicity manager, said that companies like Sliquid are perfect sponsors because they’re on the cutting edge of evolving tastes, working at the forefront of an ongoing progressive cultural movement.

“Our festival-goers make the association between our vendors and our shared philosophy of sex positivity and creative, artistic expression, and this demographic is sexually sophisticated, culturally hip and remarkably diverse,” Lombard said. “Sliquid is a hip, conscionable brand that is perfectly in line with our philosophy to help build brands with a loyal, progressive base that appreciates organic, sustainable sex products like Sliquid Organics.”

According to the company, Good Vibrations’ focus on sustainable and “green” sex products has been a recent key focus.

“People who are concerned about what they eat are just as concerned about what they put in their bodies sexually, so we are proud to offer organic lubes and sustainable toys, and as consciousness grows, customers’ demand is rising,” Lombard said. “Good Vibrations is happy to direct their attention to SliquidOrganics.”

The IXFF competition brings together international filmmakers at the Castro Theater in San Francisco to showcase their works, which explore what’s “hot” and “sexy” in seven minutes or less.

For more information, visit GV-IXFF.org.

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