DALLAS — Sliquid releases Satin, a water-based intimate moisturizer designed for a woman’s daily use.

According to the company, Sliquid Naturals Satin is conscientious to the body and beneficial during sexual activity. The moisturizer favors women experiencing regular or periodic desiccation due to menopause, medication, or various other conditions.

“We wanted to address the mature female demographic who tends to suffer from dryness issues in their most intimate areas,” SliquidCEO Dean Elliott said.  “Secondary to Satin’s health benefits though we also wanted to create a product that would appear as luxurious and sophisticated through its packaging; something a woman would feel comfortable showcasing either on her nightstand or a bathroom vanity.”

Sliquid’s Naturals Satin comes available in either 4.2oz/ 125ml or 8.5/255ml cobalt blue bottles. Its emblem—a gold shaded lotus—projects a soothing yet upscale look, appealing to this particular demographic of consumer, the company said.

Each bottle contains a proprietary blend of moisturizers, including Carrageenan, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E, and like all Sliquid products, Satin does not contain any parabens, DEA, or sulfates, and is vegan friendly.

“It’s important for retailers to note also that this formula can dual as a lubricant,” Elliott said. “By increasing the levels of Aloe Vera along with the small amounts of other natural ingredients we’re intending to mimic the basic fundamentals of a woman’s natural lubrication. Since our inception, Sliquid’ s mission has always been to provide high quality products to meet the needs of all consumers.  With Satin we have built upon that pledge yet again.”

For sales, call (800) 754-7843 or email sales@sliquid.com.

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