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Wetlandia- Splash Intimate Wash Review

Wetlandia- Splash Intimate Wash Review

By on Oct 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Sliquid is a brand that focuses on healthy, organic, natural, pH balanced, vegan, glycerin, propylene glycol, glycerol and paraben free intimate products. They don’t test their products on animals. Sliquid are most famous for their lubricants (which I absolutely love), but they have a whole line of intimate washes, shaving creams and body oils. Sliquid Splash is their line of feminine washes that only differ in their scents: there’s the Naturally Unscented, Mango Passion, Honeydew Cucumber, and Grapefruit Thyme (which I am reviewing here).

Sliquid Splash comes in a pretty 8.5 oz recyclable bottle that is completely in line with their other products. Their packaging is really stylish, it looks like any other personal care item you have in your shower or night drawer. It says “gentle feminine wash” in small letters. The bottle is a very good value size that is going to last you a long time.


It has a gentle silky consistency, it’s not too liquidy and you only need a small amount of it. I’ve tried the unscented one at my girlfriend’s house, and it’s really neutral. I would recommend it to people who are too sensitive to scents and aromas. The smell of the scented version is strong. I love the grapefruit-thyme because it has this very refreshing citrus smell, but not everyone likes that for their intimate parts. I’ve used the wash for a fair amount of time and it hasn’t caused me irritations, nor any disbalance (and one can tell pretty quickly if something is throwing their vaginal flora off). If feels really nice and non-intrusive, and it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. I can frankly say it’s one of the best intimate washes I’ve used. (And I’ve been using them since I was 12. Luckily I was taught not to use soap.)

Read the entire article from Wetlandia.

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