Have you ever heard the saying, “Sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.”? If so, erase this from your memory. It’s a myth. Bad sex isn’t good (and neither is bad pizza, for that matter). Being great at sex takes practice, but if you really want a leg up, be sure you posses these 10 traits that all good lovers share.

  1. They pay attention to their partner

People who are good in bed are attentive and can read the body language of the person they are getting frisky with. These people know that it’s not all about them and actually want to make their partner feel good.

  1. They can laugh at themselves

Sex is wonderful, but it can also be pretty gross sometimes. Inevitably, someone is going to let a fart slip out. Those who are good in bed just roll with it, laugh, and move on. Having a sense of humor can make sex even more fun!

  1. They communicate before, during, and after sex

Good communication is a key skill, according to every sexpert everywhere. Seriously, there is no better way to ensure a great romp than by talking to each other about what you want before you get started. Keep the words rolling during the act with plenty of “Oh, yes!” and “Just like that, baby” so that your lover knows they’re doing a great job. Oh, and a little pillow talk afterwards never hurts.

Sex is about more than getting off. Someone who can enjoy all the steps in the journey to the big O is bound to be way better in bed than someone who only has their eyes on the end goal.

  1. They are confident

There is nothing sexier than someone who exudes confidence in bed. Even if you have to fake it for awhile, acting confidently is a major turn on and can help improve the quality of the sex you’re having. So stop thinking about those five extra pounds and trust that your partner wants to be in bed with you!

  1. They are open to new experiences

A good motto is “I’ll try (almost) anything once”. No, you don’t have to cross any hard boundaries, but being open to new positions, toys, and other sexual experiences is a quality that people who are good in bed possess.

  1. They are spontaneous

Planned sex can be super fun, but surprising your honey in the shower? It really doesn’t get any steamier than that.

  1. They aren’t judgmental

The bedroom is no place for a judgmental attitude. People who are good in bed don’t judge their partners (or themselves). They know that the less judgmental they are, the more opportunities for fun and exploration arise.

  1. They’re all about consent

Not only is consent mandatory, it’s sexy. Those who are great in bed know that asking if someone wants to try something first is a good way to build trust which, especially for women, can help increase the chance of a powerful orgasm.

  1. They enjoy solo time

The people who are the best in bed know what they like because they’ve spent time exploring their own bodies. They’re in tune with what feels good – and what doesn’t – and can tell their partner exactly what takes them over the edge!

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