Choosing the best lube can be overwhelming. There are so many different types, ingredients, and flavors, the options are seemingly endless. While it may make us blush in the pharmacy, it can banish serious chafing and make sex fun again

Lubes are great to use with your partner or with sex toys (speaking of which, read our guide to the best vibrators) for a pleasurable experience. “Lube is a great bedroom addition for anyone sexually active — they increase pleasure and boost intimate sensation,” says Stephanie Taylor, managing director of Kegel8. “Introducing extra lubrication to your sex life can make the process far slicker and seamless and can actually make sex safer, too. Condom friction is minimized, meaning they’re less likely to split and result in unwanted STIs and pregnancies.”

Adding lube into the mix can not only make good sex even better but is also great for female masturbation and makes solo play even more pleasurable. It’s also helpful if you’re experiencing common vagina problems post-menopause.

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