The market for personal lubricants is – appropriately enough – a saturated one. Lube comes in a zillion trillion different varieties. There are gels that promise to make you more slippery and slimy than a Foxtons estate agent on the pull; jellies that aim to make a guy’s cock taste like cocktails; and even liquids that claim to reduce the transmission of STIs.

I’m amazed that no-one has marketed a motion lotion called WD-Naughty yet, but there’s still a gargantuan number of lubricants on offer. So if you want to grab a tube of lube, what’s a good gloop to opt for? And how do you use it?

Some folks think that lube is only intended for older women, who tend to produce less natural vaginal moisture due to hormonal changes associated with ageing.

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    1. Hi Michelle!

      Many women use oil based products, like coconut oil and olive oil as a lubricant, with no problems at all.

      Some women experience issues, so we typically suggest using oil based products only as external moisturizers.

      If you try an oil based product, and have no ill effects, then we say go for it! Keep in mind, any oil based product is going to be incompatible with latex.

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