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2015-06-15 11:37

Julie Asked: TTC - Trying to conceive

Hello, My husband and I are trying to conceive and have been using sliquid sassy. Is it ok to use? Thanks!

Sliquid Answered:

We have not done any sperm motility testing ourselves – however, others have reported that our Sliquid Oceanics product is the one most suited for conception.

2015-06-15 11:36

J. Forcely Asked: Water based lubricants

I am post menopause now and suffer from severe dryness in the vagina and pain during sex. Can you tell me if I should be applying the lubricants on a daily bases even when I am not having sex, to keep the vagina moist?

Sliquid Answered:

We do make a product for this exact situation. Sliquid Satin may be what you need for daily application.

2015-06-07 11:35

Jen Asked: Condom Compatible?

Is your organics line compatible with latex condoms?

Sliquid Answered:

Jen, All Sliquid lubricants are condom compatible. The only products you will need to be careful about are massage oils and Soul, which are not meant for penetration, and are not latex friendly.

2015-05-24 11:33

Danni Asked: Formula change?

Hi Sliquid, Did you recently change your Sliquid Organics Natural Gel formula? I have been a longtime user but in the last few months have found that each time I apply that lube, I am met with an immediate and severe burning sensation. I have sadly discontinued use of this lube, but am wondering if a change in the formula could be the cause for this new and unfortunate reaction. Thank you for your time!

Sliquid Answered:

Hi Danni, no we have not changed any formulas in several years. It sounds like something may have gotten into your bottle. We would be happy to have the bottle tested, along with our retains of that specific batch. Please contact us at for more information.

2015-05-21 10:59

J. Christian Asked: Why the lack of pump tops and larger bottles?

Greetings, I would like to buy your product in 16, 32, or even 64 oz bottles, preferably with a pump top. Larger bottles are cheaper to ship and are less wasteful. Furthermore pump tops are often considered more convenient to use than the tops currently supplied on Sliquid bottles. Giving customers lots of choice seems to be a core part of your business strategy. Does Sliquid plan to extend this practice to those of us who prefer to buy in bulk in order to reduce our carbon footprint and the needless waste of 4 & 8.5 oz bottles?

Sliquid Answered:

We have created 17oz bottles in the past, but they did not sell well, and we discontinued them. Concerning pumps, we do not use them because you cannot properly heat seal a bottle if you have a pump. We also used to include a pump taped to the side of the bottle, which could be swapped on by the customer after opening, but this was not popular with retailers, and was also discontinued.

2015-05-16 10:58

M Asked: Sliquid lubricant

I am allergic to Aloe. Is the plant cellulose ingredient obtained from aloe plant or added to the solution?

Sliquid Answered:

Our Sliquid Organics line contains Aloe. The Sliquid Naturals line does not (except for Satin). Our plant cellulose is derived from organically sourced cotton.

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