Season 1 | Episode 1

Welcome to the debut episode of SLIQUID’s new video series, “Social Lubricant with SLIQUID”, live-streamed monthly on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope. This episode delves into the world of kink, and what it is.

Kink is the use of “non-conventional” sexual practices.  By definition alone, Kink is a fully subjective topic.  What one person may find to be conventional may not be to someone else.  Kink lies on a very broad spectrum of interpretation, making it all the more fun to explore.

During this broadcast, Erik and Lex take a fun, irreverent look at the history of kink, offering stories of their own personal desires, fantasies, and forays (or lack thereof) into everything kinky, from verbal sex talk, to BDSM, role play, adult toys, sex dungeons, and much much more

Listen as they explore the idea and varied practices of kink, hopefully inspiring you to explore your kinky side too!

Resources: Slutty Girl Problems | Watts The Safe Word | Sex With Emily

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