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2022-03-15 05:03

Patty Asked: Fertility friendly lubricant

My husband and I will be trying to get pregnant again soon. Which lube would be best to use that won’t affect our chance of getting pregnant. Thanks!

Sliquid Answered:

Hello, Sliquid has not performed any sperm motility testing ourselves – we would suggest taking your preferred bottle to you OB/GYN for a consult.

2022-03-04 10:46

J Asked: Frozen Sliquid??

The Sliquid product was frozen due to weather conditions outside by our mailbox. Does this cause any problems or the product? Its the Organic version, to be specific. Thank you.

Sliquid Answered:

Thaw slowly and there should be no problems.

2022-02-22 10:15

Steve Asked: Natural Gel and Hormone Levels


Please could you let me know if the Natural Gel has any effect on raising female hormone estrogen levels?


Sliquid Answered:

Some of the organic extracts in Natural Gel can boost estrogen in a persons diet, but it is unlikely in such small amounts in a lubricant. I would suggest consulting with you doctor about your specific issue.

2022-02-10 04:13


do you sell sample sizes

Sliquid Answered:

Yes, there are sample packs and individual products also have sample sizes available in packs of 10 on the product pages.

2022-01-24 03:48

Luber Asked: About packaging

I’m a Canadian shopper looking at your water-based stuff and I was wondering what the packaging would look like coming in. Is the box discreet? And should I worry about what is listed on the box for customs?

Sliquid Answered:

Our packaging is discreet, however the customs paperwork (attached to the box, but not showing) will list the products ordered.



2022-01-24 03:44

R Asked: Organics silicone friendly?

The copy on your site for sliquid organics natural says that it’s silicone friendly, but the bottle says latex, rubber & plastic. Can you clarify whether this lube is compatible with silicone toys?

Sliquid Answered:

Yes, all of the Organics products (except Organics Silk) are safe to use with silicone toys.

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